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Technicolor Forest Light, 2021

Powder coated steel tubing, steel rod, hardware, acrylic, LED lightbulbs, wiring. Private commission. 

The client wanted to replace an existing ceiling fixture, using the original location of the existing fixture for wiring and have a custom design that would wrap around the ceiling into the stairwell. I created this custom design with powder coated 7/8” steel tubing that mounts to the ceiling where the original fixture was and bends up into the stairwell. Five smaller tubes branch out from the main tube structure, with LED candelabra lightbulbs at each end. Steel rod arms on each of the five branches hold uniquely shaped and different colored acrylic diffusers. The light projects into the stairwell while also reflecting off and refracting through each piece of acrylic, resulting in abstract shadows cast on the wall and ceiling at the top of the stairwell. 
Steel fabrication by Donut Shop Design
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